Each and every day, the discs in our spine are compressed…from sitting, standing, driving, working, exercising, and just from gravity itself.  If you have a herniated or bulged disc, spinal compression is like squeezing a jelly donut, where the jelly pushes out of the hole. When the fluid inside the disc pushes out (herniates or bulges out) it can press on delicate nerves and cause inflammation, becoming extremely painful. Sometimes the pain will radiate down an arm or leg (sciatica).

Our decompression therapy reverses the compressive pressure that can build up on a disc by creating a pulling force deep within the disc.  It creates a vacuum-like suction inside the disc to pull the herniated or bulged fluid back in towards the center of the disc and away from the sensitive nerve tissue that can create such severe pain.


Decompression therapy is not designed to simply get rid of your symptoms, as medications or epidural injections do.  It is designed to heal the damaged spinal discs that are causing the symptoms. You not only get pain-relief, but the pain doesn’t return and interrupt your life anymore.

Our disc decompression is not the same thing as your grandfather’s traction therapy.  We use one of the most sophisticated, computerized decompression tables available in the Richmond area.


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