Chiropractic care focuses on healing by hand, starting with the knowledge that when the spine and nervous system are working correctly, the human body can heal better and is less vulnerable to arthritis, stiffness, pain, and dysfunction.

The 24 vertebrae of the spine are designed to allow your back to bend and move, while at the same time protecting and encasing your nervous system (the spinal cord and nerves). When the spine isn’t aligned properly or isn’t moving correctly, it can cause muscle tension, inflammation, back pain, and interference with the way your nervous system is functioning.

Chiropractic care will correct movement and alignment problems in your spine, which will reduce your neck and back pain.  More importantly, it will help to “unwind” the stress on your nervous system. Decreasing stress and irritation to your nervous system will increase your ability to heal naturally and help your body to function better in an overall capacity.