People with chronic muscle, tendon, and connective tissue pain rptoften have old patterns that have developed. Radial Pulse Therapy, also called Shockwave, uses a handpiece to generate a pulsing, mechanical pressure wave that travels deeper down into the surrounding tissue, spreading as it penetrates further. Just to clarify, shockwave therapy does not apply electrical shocks.

Our patients who use Radial Pulse Therapy say that it just “feels” like what they’ve needed, but haven’t been able to find. If you haven’t responded to other therapies for chronic soft tissue problems, or if you know that further results are possible, you have to try this therapy; No one else in the Richmond area is using it. When it is followed by our other unique soft tissue therapies such as Active Release, High-powered Class IV Laser, or Graston Technique, expect results that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

See a partial list of stubborn conditions that Radial Pulse Therapy can help.
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