The reason why musicians and dancers are prone to overuse injuries is because they often practice their craft for long periods of time, regularly doing the same movements over and over (repetitive motion).

Artists must train their body to perform, similar to athletes. Since musicians and dancers are so much like athletes, the treatment to rehabilitate their injuries is similar, often using Active Release Technique, Graston Technique and Kinesio Taping. These 3 techniques are highly effective, non-invasive options for keeping you pain-free, limber and performing well. Dry needling, the Cube 4 Laser therapy, and shockwave therapy are other progressive options that are available in our office.

These therapies are especially good for Richmond artists who have plateaued in their recovery from an injury and for those who need to return quickly to their performance, practice, or rehearsals. These therapies are also either unavailable or hard to find elsewhere in Richmond.

Dr. Lassiter works with members from the Richmond Symphony, Richmond Ballet, and bands and acts that are touring in the Richmond area. He is a member of CPAN (Chiropractic Performing Arts Network) and PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association), both of which are dedicated to the health of performing artists.