How is your office different than other chiropractic offices?

Dr. Lassiter often combines spinal adjustments along with unique soft tissue therapies, which is not the case in a typical chiropractic office. He also may use unique therapies that are unavailable elsewhere in Richmond. His office is more of a “specialized” chiropractic office, offering traditional chiropractic care along with different cutting-edge therapies.

If you have a degenerative disc issue, such as a herniated or bulged disc, specialized disc techniques are sometimes necessary. If it’s appropriate for your case, non-surgical spinal decompression may be used to rehabilitate your disc(s).

What is a chiropractor?

Doctors of Chiropractic are specialists who find, correct, and prevent faulty spinal motion and nervous system irritation.  They do this by adjusting the spine at specific areas that need it. The term “Chiropractic” is derived from the words “cheiro” and “praktikos,” which essentially translates to “done by hand.”  Chiropractic care focuses on healing by hand.

How does Chiropractic work?

The 24 vertebrae of the spine are designed to allow the body to move, while at the same time protecting and encasing the spinal cord and nerves.  The spine’s ability to function properly is critical because improper motion or misalignment of the spine can irritate the delicate nervous system. This disruption can cause pain and other problems. Chiropractors adjust the spine to correct the motion or misalignment in the spine and to decrease irritation to the nervous system.

What is an adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments are usually a quick, gentle thrust that help to re-align and add motion to spinal joints that aren’t moving correctly. There are different methods that include the use of the doctor’s hands, an instrument, special tables or the force of gravity.

Are Chiropractic adjustments safe?

Yes, adjustments are very safe. A thorough exam can identify if a person might not be suitable for chiropractic.

What makes the sound during the adjustment?

Lubricating fluids separate the bones of each spinal joint. Some adjustments produce a sound when the gas and fluids in the joint shift.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?

No, each patient’s spine and care plan is unique. Each patient’s care is customized for his or her age, condition and health goals.

Can patients with osteoporosis get chiropractic care?

Yes, your chiropractor will develop a plan considering your personal circumstances. The doctor will choose a method that is best suited to your age, size and condition.

Will I receive any medication for my pain?

Doctors of Chiropractic do not dispense drugs. At Laser Sport & Spine, we rely on natural methods of pain relief, for example: the use of ice, natural supplements with things like white willow bark and turmeric added, or physio therapy modalities (including electric muscle stim, Laser therapy, or the ATM2).

What if my policy does not cover Chiropractic?

It is convenient when the insurance pays your bill, but do not allow them to make a decision for you.  We will make your care affordable by giving you a specific payment plan depending on your needs.

What if Chiropractic doesn’t help me?

If we are not able to correct the cause of the problem, we will refer you to a specialist.