We use the latest in surface electromyography (sEMG) technology. This is FDA approved technology that is extremely sensitive to changes in neuro-muscular activity at different levels of your spine. Stated in a less technical way, it can tell us where your spine has become weaker, where your body is holding too much tension, and where there are potential nervous system imbalances.

It works similarly to how an EKG test can measure electrical activity in your heart.  When an EKG shows a pattern that differs from the normal standard, it indicates a potential problem with your heart that needs further attention.  Likewise, our sEMG technology can show patterns that differ from a normal standard, revealing areas that need further attention.

You actually won’t even feel anything during the test.  It is completely painless, only takes a few minutes to perform, and is so safe, it can even be used on pregnant women or children.

AN IDEAL SCAN LOOKS LIKE THIS – Notice the green, even bars from side-to-side. This person is likely to have more energy, have no pain or tension, and to be healthier in general.

AN ACTUAL SCAN FROM A PATIENT – Notice a lot of red, uneven bars. This person is likely to have less energy, feel tired, have pain or tension  somewhere in their body, or to have some other health complaints.