You must get past the body’s muscle guard response in order to truly decompress a disc.  Muscle guarding is the body’s resistance to the pulling forces caused from most decompression tables and traction tables.  If muscle guarding occurs, the pressure in the disc can actually increase (we want to lower the pressure in the disc with decompression).

Unlike most other decompression tables that are available, our table has seven sensors that continually monitor the patient to ensure that the proper treatment is delivered.  

These sensors detect any resistance from a persons muscles during treatment, smoothly adjusting the amount of decompression force according to the feedback the body is giving.  This allows the decompression force to be adjusted within milliseconds, eliminating reflexive muscle guarding and muscle spasm.  Again, you must get past the body’s muscle guard response in order to truly decompress a disc. Traction tables and  most decompression tables can’t do this because they can’t adjust what they are doing according to your body’s response.

Our decompression table utilizes the most current technology and computer interface that’s available in Richmond, VA. But our system involves much more than just a table; It’s a comprehensive rehabilitation program. We have an entire program, including the following:

  • Pre-decompression therapies
  • The Hill DT decompression table protocol, specifically tailored for your situation
  • Post-decompression therapies
  • Spinal alignments and flexibility restoration
  • Specific muscle and fascia therapies (Active Release and/or Graston Therapy)
  • Nutritional recommendations for restoring the disc
  • Posture rehabilitation and spinal strengthening exercises

Another thing that is unique about our decompression system is the way that we can isolate the specific area that needs to be healed.  Our decompression system allows a high degree of specificity to treat the area that is involved.  By contrast, traction is a generalized pull of the entire body.

A picture says a thousand words!

The type of decompression table used at most offices

The decompression table used at our office