• Playing golf, PAIN-FREE
  • Cleaning your house, PAIN-FREE
  • Driving your car, PAIN-FREE
  • Picking up your kids or grandkids, PAIN-FREE
  • Being able to sleep, PAIN-FREE
  • The freedom to do as you wish, PAIN-FREE


Our program for back pain relief is a conservative, alternative treatment for severe neck and low back conditions, such as herniated or bulged discs, spinal stenosis, or conditions which cause pain to radiate into the buttocks or leg (ie: sciatica). These conditions were previously thought to be treatable only with the long-term usage of medication, epidural injections, or surgery.  Unfortunately, your medical doctor may not even know that our type of conservative, alternative therapy exists. It involves using non-surgical, FDA approved technology that is so comfortable, people often fall asleep during the treatment.

Our back pain program combines all of the following:

  1. Non-surgical spinal disc decompression therapy
  2. Treatments with the McKenzie REPEX physical therapy table
  3. Cutting-edge treatments with the highest powered Class IV LASER therapy
  4. The re-training of painful movement patterns to become non-painful with the ATM2.
  5. Pre and Post treatment healing modalities, which may include heat, ice, electric muscle stim, and specialized soft tissue therapies.


If you’re a candidate for the treatment, the statistics for success are very high.  The initial consultation to find out if it’s right for you involves a no-obligation visit to our office.  Just see our testimonials page to read what other patients had to say about the program.

This program is not designed to simply get rid of your symptoms, like medications do.  It is designed to heal the damaged structures that are causing the symptoms, so you not only get pain-relief, but the pain doesn’t return and interrupt your life anymore.


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